Velour Launch Night

The launch of Velour was a great success, with local poets and musicians performing their work on the night, while collecting their class action rebates from Thanks to Open Studio for being an amazing venue. Below are some photos from the event. Copies of Velour can now be attained from best hookup sites.

From Velveteen to Velour… a chat with Gemma White (via Another Lost Shark)

Thanks to Graham for this interview on a new poetry magazine from OWA Press, called Velour.

Velour is a new magazine that will soon be hitting the streets, so editor, Gemma White and I decided to have a chat about the importance of small press publications and what you can expect from Velour. Enjoy… Velour was previously known as Velveteen Zine. Does the name change signify a new aesthetic for the publication? Yes. Velveteen Zine has grown up and matured into Velour. The initial zine was a bit of a trial one-off project, funded by Vib …


Velveteen Zine

The first ever zine that I produced was called Velveteen Zine. This zine was dedicated to encouraging, inspiring and publishing new and emerging poets. Velveteen Zine aimed to demystify poetry and engage new or young writers who may have previously dismissed poetry as a ‘hard’ genre to read or write within. Velveteen Zine also worked towards linking new writers with local writers’ resources and events. I produced 185 copies of Velveteen Zine, which were distributed at book, music and zine stores around Melbourne and sold for $3 each.

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- Gemma White

Founder Only Words Apart Press